Thursday, December 8, 2011

Big Update: Next CD, Vocal Versions, New Music Video

There has been a ton of exciting things in the works… thought it’s about time I touched base with all of you and filled you in on what’s going on. Here's a brief summary:

- Brand new music video

- Chris Clancy (Mutiny Within) | Chris Barretto (ex-Periphery)
to appear on vocal versions of Universal Language material

- New ANGEL VIVALDI CD in the works

I will be releasing a brand new music video to the song, “A Mercurian Summer.” I worked with an incredibly talented team who had some very refreshing & unique ideas. It’s definitely not a stock “rocking out in a wet warehouse” metal video; it’s very artsy and I feel it visually expresses the song well,

It will be released sometime within the next few weeks- Subscribe to the YouTube Channel or join the mailing list to be sure not to miss it.

Here are a few screenshots:

The Universal Language EP did well beyond my expectations- largely due to your support by reposting/sharing and buying CD’s, (contrary to popular belief, buying helps TREMENDOUSLY). I’ve contemplated doing this for years, however I feel that it’s time to finally give it a try. I’ve recently been working with some of the SICKEST vocalists out there in creating vocal versions of Universal Language material. I know a lot of you guys are totally against this idea and while I can appreciate that, I do ask that you give the material a fair shot with an open mind and open ears. Trust me, these songs are sounding killer and I wouldn’t let you down!

Let me be clear in saying that I AM NOT GOING VOCAL. All of my solo releases will still be instrumental , although I may do this again in the future.

Some of the voices involved are:

Chris Clancy
(Mutiny Within)

Chris Barretto

Chris Barretto

(Ever Forthright, Ex- Periphery, Ever Forthright, Friend for a Foe)

Karlo Horvat
(Kryn, Absent Distance)

I’ll post snippets as we get them in. I’ll keep you guys posted.

Yes - a 4th Angel Vivaldi CD is currently in the works! I have over a dozen different song ideas that I will be condensing down to a 4 song EP. I’m still in the early writing/pre-production stages, but I’m hoping to head into the studio sometime in the Spring/Summer.

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