Thursday, July 7, 2011

Universal Language - NOW AVAILABLE | Ibanez Video Demo | Loads More!

"Only a good 7 weeks late or so with this newsletter, no biggie... As I always say, better late than pregnant, right?

Most of you guys already have the EP via the pre-orders; sold so many we actually ran
out very early in the game! Thanks to all of you who pre-ordered/purchased the EP. If
you're one of the few who havent bought the EP, get awnnn it! It's available on
iTunes, Amazon and a shit ton of other digital retailers. I should be getting a
fresh new batch of CD's relatively soon, sit tight for those of you who
prefer the physical copy... they're coming!"

NOW AVAILABLE on iTunes, Amazon and BigCartel


They will be back in stock in the coming weeks, in the meantime purchase via iTunes and Amazon.

Check out my new video with Ibanez guitars regarding their new Premium Guitar Series!

Head on over to Facebook & cast your vote in the question poll post for my next playthrough video!

Looks like An Erisian Autumn is taking the lead,
but A Martian Winter isn't too far behind.
Voting ends 7/12/11.

"The Guitar Tablature section is finally up and running exclusively on Facebook.

I've added a good amount of content thus far, including both rhythm & leads to certain tunes.

I will definitely be adding more content as time goes on & permits, but I will tell you... some of these

songs are absolutely torturous to tab out! I stay in standard tuning for the most part, but note that I mainly use

a sevent string guitar. If you're looking for a specific song to be notated, just shoot me an email and

I'll do my best to tab it out... unless it's Acid Reign. Fuck that song."

WAKE UP Fest - Benefit for Chi Cheng (Deftones Bassist) // Dingbatz, NJ

Ibanez Masterclass Clinic w/ANGEL VIVALDI // Philadelphia, PA

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